Reliability instead of hope

“Finance Group Accounting and Consulting” company provides audit and consulting services.

We offer You our professional assistance in resolving such important issues, as the registration and transformation of legal persons, support their activities, preparation and execution of documents, obtaining necessary licenses for successful business and much more.

“Finance Group Accounting and Consulting” audit company is based on a strong foundation and collective work of many experts that provide protection efficiency and security of our clients.

Our advantages


Experienced specialists, lawyers and accountants who have national and international certificates provide high quality of work.


We ensure the confidentiality of any obtained and trusted information.


The specialist assigned to your enterprise provides an operative solution to any identified problem.


In our work we use various (licensed) latest technological programs.


Reliability instead of hope.


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About us

Since 2017 Finance Group Account and consulting has started providing its services in Baku Azerbaijan. Since its establishment, the company has shown an increase in its value multiple times. The company is very well known for providing accounting, legal, and HR services in Azerbaijan. Our services are deemed as professional not only by the client from Azerbaijan but also by many international companies. Our services can be divided into 3 main categories: Accounting, HR, and legal services. These services can further be classified into outsourcing, auditing, and consulting sections.


-It is more cost-effective than hiring a professional. When completely outsourced, you do not have to pay extra office fees such as rent, wages, office equipment, etc.
– Operativity: It is very important to be punctual and meet the deadlines in Accounting. All our services are offered in an efficient and effective way for our clients.
-No employee training is required, As the finance group gives you access to highly professional and skilled employees, with experience in almost every industry in Azerbaijan. Your company will be given to professional individuals who know every aspect of finance and can bring the best outcomes inefficient manner.
-Another advantage of using our services is that we have certified access to financial software, which can be utilized to automate several financial calculations, optimize the cash flow, track profit and loss, and manage the company’s accounting database from one platform.
– We are always respecting the confidentiality of our clients. Sensitive data such as annual income, profits, pension reductions and etc.

For whom are these services?

Company owners, freelancers, and people who want to start a business in Azerbaijan can book a consultancy meeting with us. We can support them in every stage of their business, from the company registration to the quarterly/yearly financial reports preparation. Companies and freelancers who have received a fine or are suspected to receive a fine according to the Tax Act can benefit from FGAC’s services. Our company can audit your business and we can be your representative at the court. International firms that are expanding their business to Azerbaijan, that might not be familiar with the legal system in our country, can book a consultancy with us, to find an optimal solution to their offers.  We can also assist foreign enterprises to import their products to Azerbaijan in accordance with the Azerbaijan State Customs Committee.